It’s a Dogs Life Now

I just sat outside in the 90 degree weather, having a ball, watching my puppy play with another pug and gabbing it up with women I barely know.

This is my life 4 nights a week.  What the heck?

I used to party 4 nights a week.  I used to sit in a barber chair, tilted back until I was laying out horizontal and have Honey Wild Turkey poured down my throat.  Partly because it was a cheap drink ($1.00) and partly to display I could swallow.

I used to lie about my name.  Or even better, give out made up nicknames like Tiffany Titwell or Hoover or Eureka.  Or Creamy.  Or Bubbles.  Come on, you get it.  I know you do.  Uh huh.

I used to win Disco Dance Trophies.  (Yes I am that old!) The most I ever won was $20 bucks and a cheap trophy, but heh, I did it!

I used to be the life of the party.  Loud and crazy and willing to talk about sex at the drop of ….well….let’s say some underwear!

I used to think the omelets at Denny’s were really GOOD at 2 in the morning,

reading tarot cards

with some stranger and counting out my last pennies to pay for breakfast.

But, as I said, now I look forward to sitting outdoors in a dog park with virtual strangers, talking and gabbing and laughing about dog antics.


Ok, I know who I am, but seriously, did any of YOU see this coming?  I cannot say I ever did.  Not ever.

So they say a dog changes your life. I always thought this meant all that responsibility changed your life from happy-go-lucky to something with a leash on it.  I wanted nothing to do with a leash attached to my body.

And while I knew the statistics about dog owners being more healthy, I had no idea how much I’d suddenly be outside every day.

Just a little puppy.  Who has completely and totally enveloped me with love and laughter and the need to find other people who are like-minded.

The late afternoon starts with me waiting for that call from Ninja’s grandma Jackie saying they are off to the dog park and will Mushu coming out to play too?  (That’s Jackie to the right with Mushu.)

I throw on my dog park garb – because let’s face it, you must have something with that perfect sense of doggy friendly style, while being faddish and creative and comfortable.  I pat on some make-up because with all the cameras at the dog park, you never know whose Facebook you’ll end up on.

Then I begin the big tease with Mushu.  “Do you want to see Ninja?  Do you?  Huh?  Do you want to see Aunt Jackie?  You want to go to the Dog Park?” I lift my voice up several octaves at the end of each sentence, which causes Mushu to tilt his head back and forth like a furious windmill.  He seems to understand that my lilting voice means something VERY EXCITING is about to happen.

Once I grab his purple gladiator halter and leash off the key rack by the door, he knows.  He runs in circles crying like he’s about to have sex.  Finally he cools down enough to get his garb on and we drive the four blocks to the dog park.  (One day, when it’s not 90 or more degrees, we’ll walk it.  Just think of the exercise!)

The squealing at the park is not from Jackie and I.  It’s from Mushu and Ninja.  You’d think they were long-lost brothers.  And for the next two hours they race, sniff butts, chase, catch the girls and bark at the big dogs in the big dog park next door. Mostly they just do a lot of Pug Wrestling at our feet.  It’s quite the show.  They growl and squeal and nip and, well, it looks just like the world wrestling championship.  They get so involved in the wrestling, they fall off the bench, or run so hard at the bench they hit it “POW” and bounce off it. They are just happy campers and that makes us humans delirious.

There are a lot of regulars now that I know.  Almost everyone has rescued their dog and loves to tell their story over and over.  Sadly three dogs have been dumped at the park since Mushu and I began going.  Of course dog park dog owners will NEVER let a dog go the pound where they have so little chance of living.  Nope, they all gather together in a football huddle and decide who can do what and when.  Last night my friend Jackie decided the little puppy that was dumped was going to be her new dog.  And she took him home. That puppy has no idea the great life it’s about to live.  She named the Chihuahua-min/pin-dachshund mix “Diego.”  Ninja tends to mother him and Mushu wants to be sweet to him.  One big happy family.

Another friend, Kathy, has her dogs certified to visit rest homes.  I LOVE this idea and want to see about doing this with Mushu when he’s a bit older.  What a great way to utilize a good dog.  I know there was a cat that hung around my Mom in the last home she lived in.  What a nice comfort.  And Mushu has so much love to give.  Pugs are very lovey dovey and great lap dogs.

There are mostly dogs that are well socialized for Mushu to play with.

Curry, from the pound, is part pit bull and part dachshund.  I mean LOOK at that face.  How could anyone have given him away?

Then there is BIG PUG George and his owner Ashley.  So cute and adorable.

There are lots of Boston Terriers who chase the Frisbees like they are in training for dog Olympics.

There is always a gaggle of white terriers.  One looks just like the dog on the “Caesar” dog food ad, so we all call him Caesar.

There is a HUGE assortment of Chihuahuas.

There are the old dogs who nap.  And those like Jake who like to push the tiny dogs to the edge and make them frightened.  Mushu learned how to cope with Jake and he is not his nemesis anymore, I am proud to announce.  Ah our little baby is growing.

Now, you may think this is all silly and just a story about a few hours of my life at a Dog Park.  But you would be wrong.  I actually CAN’T WAIT to get to the dog park every day.  I look forward to it.  I imagine it’s like my Dad unwinding with his Bourbon and 7 every night.  Cause that’s how I feel.  Unwinding.

Meanwhile, Mushu gets exhausted and sleeps for the next 18 hours.

Yes, my life is very different these days.  And while I could never have imagined it, I am exhilarated by it and I’ve become unrecognizable as the annoying woman who tells stories about her damn DOG all day.  Uh huh,  that’s me.

But I will secretly tell you, some of the ladies and I get in a little sex talk each night.  I guess some things will never change!

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One of my heros in life – Julia Cameron who wrote “The Artist’s Way” – quoted an anonymous someone as saying “Leap and the net will appear.”  As most of you know, it quickly became my life motto.

But you may not know she also wrote an entire chapter about being aware of serendipitous happenings.  And ever since I read her book the first time (since then I’ve read it at least 10 more times) I have been accutely aware of things directing my life if I just allow it and pay attention.

Serendipity.  Are YOU paying attention?  We get so tied up in our daily “stuff” we completely ignore it most of the time.  But it can change your life if you learn to pay attention to it!

This week something unusual happened – something serendipitous – all in the course of a few hours which was truly cause to pause and pay attention.

First of all our friend Kevin called out of the blue.  He and Mark had seen Stephen’s gorgeous handmade necklace that Maria was wearing in my blog a week before, and wanted one for a friends birthday.  (picture to the right)

We seemed to have exactly what they wanted already made up in bright colorful yarns and feathers and beads.  Kevin and Mark came over later that day and decided it was perfect and took it with them to their friend paying us for our wares.

Serendipitiously, about an hour after hearing from Kevin, a former classmate wrote me on Facebook to say that she would like some jewelry made for her for some specific health issues.  I was thrilled, as I have been doing this kind of work with gemstones for two decades yet never tried to market it.   I began in earnest to research the perfect healing stones for her to make an extremely personal and incredibly powerful bracelet.  I was exhilirated with the creative process.

Stephen and I have been making jewelry as gifts for years and years always considering it a “hobby.”  Not until today did it seem like a viable way to have fun while earning some extra money for our talents.  Our eyes had been open for the serendipity of the moment.

I love reseraching and then finding the perfect gemstones with the necessary healing properties for someone’s issues.  And Stephen’s original necklaces (must give credit to bead artist Amy Loh-Kupser of Idaho for teaching us both the basic technique) would have taken off almost a year earlier when a shop manager in Sedona said they were interested in seeing more of  his work to possibly carry his line.  (Serendipity we were both just completely BLIND to!)

More Serendipity occured when Kevin and Mark had asked us for a business card to put in their gift box and of course we didn’t have one.  Well, this led us to discuss a business name and think about a website to sell our work.

At this point we had both finally seen the obvious serendipity of all these circumstances, and so, with great clarity, we began to toss around ideas for a business name.   But you know how life goes, we were busy with work and “stuff.”

That night, while walking from my computer to the kitchen for some Toll House refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,  (yum!)

I heard in my head, “Whimsical, Mystical Jewelry.”  It was so sing-songy I began saying it over and over in my mind without any thought to what I was doing.  It was just some words dancing around in my head.

Serendipty at work and there I was, NOT paying attention again!

Fortunately, like a brick slamming me awake, I finally heard the song as the very clear message it seemed to be and wrote it down.  “Whimsical, Mystical Jewelry.”  Well now.  That most definitely described our jewelry.  Stephen’s gorgeous feathery pieces most definitely made with whimsy and my pieces were made with healing stones and mysticism.  Hmmmm.  I kept tossing it around.  Finally I looked up the name on line.  It did not come up.  No one had this website  yet.  That was astonishing.

Was this it?  Just like that?  Without spending countless hours on the computer trying out name after name to market exactly what we do?

I called Stephen on his Tanker truck.

“What do you think of ‘Whimsical, Mystical Jewelry’?”  He had an instant response.  “I love it!” he proclaimed.

I sat back down at my computer, a paper plate of cookie dough at the ready to spur my creativity.  I turned on my graphics and played around with some unusual fonts I had downloaded for free recently.  (Serendipity, again?)   I finally decided on the “Bleeding Cowboy” font.   Then I opened up the art program and messed around until I liked the whimsy yet mysticalness of the two-colored logo.

And that is how, through huge spoonfuls of serendipity, another door opened for Stephen and I, with an extraordinary new set of possibilities for our life direction.  All because we PAID ATTENTION to the messages.

Are you paying attention to your daily


Our new business is brewing like a pot of coffee around the house these days.  So please share our news.  We’ll let you know when is up and running!  (oh yes – we own that site now!)

Have a Serendipty filled day today!  (And please share in the comments below if something unique happened for you today!  It inspires all of us!)

Tangerine, Butter Yellow and Cherry Necklace

I was crazed with desire to finish a necklace.  I am guessing it’s because I had nothing else like it.  And I’ve never seen anyone else with anything close to what was in my mind waiting to become reality to others.  It’s an incredibly happy and complicated feeling.  That need to get it out – onto the wire in a perfect order.  Much like the painter who must get it out onto the canvas, or the writer who must get it out onto paper.  And it cannot be just a slam bam thank you mam kind of “getting it out there.”  It  has to be exactly like your head is creating it. The only problem is…..your mind has not really finished creating it.  You only know it’s scratching at you, begging you, fighting with you to get OUT!

I feel lucky to find creativity in so many outlets.  Beading, writing, dancing, acting, producing, painting, directing. Five nights ago I allowed myself to ignore my taxes waiting to be done and my bills needing to be paid.  Not to mention the nails I needed to paint before I went back to work and my hair that needed to be washed along with the dishes in the dishwasher.  Oh wait. I have time to turn on the dishwasher.  Whew, one thing done today.  I drifted over to my creativity corner, which happens to be advertised as this apartments dining room, and looked at all the beads I’d pulled together on a pink felt mat. They were the colors, shapes, textures and patterns yakking at me in my head to do something with them right now.

The very surprising thing is – I have never in my life liked yellow.  I have no yellow clothes.  I never have.  I have no orange clothing either.  I walk right past earth tones. Unless its semi-sweet chocolate cake.   And here on my fuzzy creating mat, antagonizing me to ignore the rest of my life, were little piles of yellow, earthy, and persimmon colored beads.  These beads were new in my life.  They are semi-precious gems.  Agate, jasper, citrine, and carnelian.  The fact that I ever bought them at all is weird. But there they sat- together for the first time, pleading with me to hurry and create a pattern.

The necklace would be designed around the gorgeous agate I showed you in the last blog with the window into its soul.  That will be my focal bead to some extent.  But each of the agates I selected are little stories of history.  Magical!

I moved the beads around like chess pieces for hours trying to find the exact pattern for these lovely stones.  Some strange knowledge in my own soul would let me know when it was “right”.  It had to resonate with my body and make a visual “poem.”

I got to the end and I discovered it was not long enough.  I fretted.  I fumed.  I discussed with Stephen.  I went through all my beads over and over.  Nothing looked right. I strung some seed beads – which would be the only thing on this necklace that was not a semi-precious stone if I used them. They looked and felt very wrong to me.  I told Stephen, without thinking it through first that “I need it to be all semi-precious so that the circle of energy is not interrupted.” I have no idea where that idea came from, but it sounded right – as good an explanation as any.  I stopped.  I was stumped.  I realized my creative voice wanted perfection.  I would have to wait until I got to work to obtain a perfect strand of  tiny citrine chips to finish with.  It must have been the way the stones were telling me to arrange them.  So, I listened.

At work the next day I gathered everything I needed to finish.   I was so eager to get to wear this necklace!  It was killing me!!

But it was three more days before I could finally sit down again to the dining room table.  It was all still there – just waiting to be created out of my little ‘ol mind.  At this point I began to think about  making a double strand bracelet to match.

So, here it is!  What do you think?  The finished necklace is all agate, citrine and carnelian.  In the bracelet, I used the same stones but added some tri-colored jade and mook jasper.

Semi-precious stones created by the earth herself offer tremendous amounts of energy and healing powers.  I mean, just LOOK at the electrical energy pulsating off these stones!

The following is a list of just some of these stones healing properties:

Agate – powerful emotional healer, improves memory and concentration, increases stamina and encourages honesty.  Also helps to prevent insomnia and insure pleasant dreams, to enhance personal courage and protect one against danger. Agate provides a calming influence, improves concentration and helps to develop and increase one’s analytical talents.

Citrine – Enhances body’s healing powers.  Diminished self-destructive tendencies.  Raises self-esteem.  Helps you to be more lighthearted, cheerful.  Used to heal kidneys, colon, gallbladder, digestive organs, heart.

Carnelian – Facilitates concentration, helps to become more joyous, social.  Opens the heart for love.  Energizes.  Used to heal kidneys, lungs, liver and pancreas.

Jade – Strengthens immune system.  Aids eye disorders and female problems.   Powerful emotional balancer.  For gentle souls who need to be more assertive.  Brings you wisdom, clarity and justice in difficult situations.  

Mook Jasper – Slows aging process, awakens ability to “know” the right direction to take.

I think now that I have such powerful jewelry, I’ll take it to Sedona for a nice cleansing.

I LOVE making my own jewelry – and for others too.  It’s just so fulfilling!