Tangerine, Butter Yellow and Cherry Necklace

I was crazed with desire to finish a necklace.  I am guessing it’s because I had nothing else like it.  And I’ve never seen anyone else with anything close to what was in my mind waiting to become reality to others.  It’s an incredibly happy and complicated feeling.  That need to get it out – onto the wire in a perfect order.  Much like the painter who must get it out onto the canvas, or the writer who must get it out onto paper.  And it cannot be just a slam bam thank you mam kind of “getting it out there.”  It  has to be exactly like your head is creating it. The only problem is…..your mind has not really finished creating it.  You only know it’s scratching at you, begging you, fighting with you to get OUT!

I feel lucky to find creativity in so many outlets.  Beading, writing, dancing, acting, producing, painting, directing. Five nights ago I allowed myself to ignore my taxes waiting to be done and my bills needing to be paid.  Not to mention the nails I needed to paint before I went back to work and my hair that needed to be washed along with the dishes in the dishwasher.  Oh wait. I have time to turn on the dishwasher.  Whew, one thing done today.  I drifted over to my creativity corner, which happens to be advertised as this apartments dining room, and looked at all the beads I’d pulled together on a pink felt mat. They were the colors, shapes, textures and patterns yakking at me in my head to do something with them right now.

The very surprising thing is – I have never in my life liked yellow.  I have no yellow clothes.  I never have.  I have no orange clothing either.  I walk right past earth tones. Unless its semi-sweet chocolate cake.   And here on my fuzzy creating mat, antagonizing me to ignore the rest of my life, were little piles of yellow, earthy, and persimmon colored beads.  These beads were new in my life.  They are semi-precious gems.  Agate, jasper, citrine, and carnelian.  The fact that I ever bought them at all is weird. But there they sat- together for the first time, pleading with me to hurry and create a pattern.

The necklace would be designed around the gorgeous agate I showed you in the last blog with the window into its soul.  That will be my focal bead to some extent.  But each of the agates I selected are little stories of history.  Magical!

I moved the beads around like chess pieces for hours trying to find the exact pattern for these lovely stones.  Some strange knowledge in my own soul would let me know when it was “right”.  It had to resonate with my body and make a visual “poem.”

I got to the end and I discovered it was not long enough.  I fretted.  I fumed.  I discussed with Stephen.  I went through all my beads over and over.  Nothing looked right. I strung some seed beads – which would be the only thing on this necklace that was not a semi-precious stone if I used them. They looked and felt very wrong to me.  I told Stephen, without thinking it through first that “I need it to be all semi-precious so that the circle of energy is not interrupted.” I have no idea where that idea came from, but it sounded right – as good an explanation as any.  I stopped.  I was stumped.  I realized my creative voice wanted perfection.  I would have to wait until I got to work to obtain a perfect strand of  tiny citrine chips to finish with.  It must have been the way the stones were telling me to arrange them.  So, I listened.

At work the next day I gathered everything I needed to finish.   I was so eager to get to wear this necklace!  It was killing me!!

But it was three more days before I could finally sit down again to the dining room table.  It was all still there – just waiting to be created out of my little ‘ol mind.  At this point I began to think about  making a double strand bracelet to match.

So, here it is!  What do you think?  The finished necklace is all agate, citrine and carnelian.  In the bracelet, I used the same stones but added some tri-colored jade and mook jasper.

Semi-precious stones created by the earth herself offer tremendous amounts of energy and healing powers.  I mean, just LOOK at the electrical energy pulsating off these stones!

The following is a list of just some of these stones healing properties:

Agate – powerful emotional healer, improves memory and concentration, increases stamina and encourages honesty.  Also helps to prevent insomnia and insure pleasant dreams, to enhance personal courage and protect one against danger. Agate provides a calming influence, improves concentration and helps to develop and increase one’s analytical talents.

Citrine – Enhances body’s healing powers.  Diminished self-destructive tendencies.  Raises self-esteem.  Helps you to be more lighthearted, cheerful.  Used to heal kidneys, colon, gallbladder, digestive organs, heart.

Carnelian – Facilitates concentration, helps to become more joyous, social.  Opens the heart for love.  Energizes.  Used to heal kidneys, lungs, liver and pancreas.

Jade – Strengthens immune system.  Aids eye disorders and female problems.   Powerful emotional balancer.  For gentle souls who need to be more assertive.  Brings you wisdom, clarity and justice in difficult situations.  

Mook Jasper – Slows aging process, awakens ability to “know” the right direction to take.

I think now that I have such powerful jewelry, I’ll take it to Sedona for a nice cleansing.

I LOVE making my own jewelry – and for others too.  It’s just so fulfilling!


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  1. Wow! I feel like I am right there. Great enthusiasm and detail! Lara

    • Coming from one of the most creative people I know, thats a huge compliment Lara! Can’t wait to bead with you!!

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