Searching for healing stones – It’s a rock lovers paradise

I am sure you will be surprised to learn that my love affair with beads and development of my own creative talents through my hands, began long ago on a trip to Sedona, AZ.  This was so long ago, I was still married to another man!  We traveled on vacation to Sedona so I could feel the vortexes and find my metaphysical counterparts there.  We both were overwhelmed with the energy in the Sedona area.  During this trip, based on my research, (ever the researcher,) we drove 20 miles away and up a gorgeous hill called Cleopatra’s Hill, to Jerome.  A tiny copper mining ghost town being overrun with artists, their old homes practically falling off the cliffs.  Not only was this town precious, but it had a view – a straight as the  crow flies view – of Sedona and the red rocks from up high.  What a place!  The three blocks in and three blocks out of town were nothing but artist boutiques, Haunted Hamburger, a ghostly bed and breakfast called Ghost City Inn and a bar called The Spirit Room.  I leapt out of the car and proceeded to adore every store, the next one more than the last.  In one of these very stores, way back 25 years ago, I found the most gorgeous double strand bracelet made of unique beads.  I had to have that bracelet and bought it quick.  Back home in Los Angeles, my husband noted we could teach ourselves to make these bracelets and give them as gifts.  And the rest is history!

At the same time, my interest in crystals and semi-precious gemstones was developing.  I knew of crystal healing and eventually turned my mom onto to it when she got breast cancer.  To this day, I still go to my first Crystal store from that first trip and make a purchase.  The staff at Crystal Magic taught me to drift among the crystals until I noticed I was drawn to one over and over.  Then I was to bring that stone to them and they would drag out this huge book by someone called Melody, with extraordinarily detailed information about every single kind of rock found in the earth and its particular healing properties.  I was so lucky I was taught this system long ago.  I still love to drift among crystals in a store and when I am just crazy drawn to one I look up the description.  These days, there are many other expert books out there besides Melody’s books, which now has an updated version.  But still, at the best Crystal store anywhere, Crystal Magic, their staff has all the latest books behind the counter and will pull it them out for you to look up details about a particular stone.

Only a few weeks ago we had a salesman come to the museum selling semi-precious stones.  You can imagine my excitement when the store manager said I could purchase a few things on her discount.  I handled and looked at hundreds of strands of beads, but I kept going back to this blue-grey stone I had never seen in my life before.  The crystal cut of the stone was sparkling and gorgeous, little spheres of energy on a string.  I really wanted this stone.  I was told it was called Kyanite.  I never heard of it.  Without researching it at all, I bought a strand.  Later in the day I looked up Kyanite and found out it helps with neurological disorders including Epilepsy.  (I have Epilepsy in case you didn’t know)  I used to be so surprised when this happened, but I’m not any more.  It’s some kind of “conversation” I have with the stones I guess.  They just talk to me and jump into my hand!

So, it was not much of a transition to couple both of my loves of beading and metaphysics and begin making healing jewelry.  Over the years I’ve done this mostly for myself.  But I’ve always loved making things for others.

I start by asking the person who needs the jewelry to give me a list of things that bother them.  It can be a serious illness as well as emotional issues or even just something as standard for all of us as overeating.  I then research in many ways, the best stones that offer healing properties for those very specific challenges.  I often spend hours researching – sometimes over the course of several days.

Then the search begins for the stones that call out to me.  I keep the person who I am making the jewelry for close to my heart while I think about and handle stones.  When they practically yell at me “I’m the one!” I buy that one.

I am extraordinarily lucky to have unreal access to ANCIENT BEADS at The Bead Museum.  It would be close to impossible to find some of the stones available at the museum anywhere else.  Our founder Gabrielle Liese began collecting four decades ago and she realized then that beads told the history of humankind.  It was an extraordinary realization that propelled her into action to collect from around the world. Today, the Bead Museum is the only comprehensive bead museum in the world and we consistently have researchers at the museum updating our timeline that goes back 17,000 years, or studying in our extensive library.

So when I tell you that a particular ancient bead over 1200 years old is made of the exact healing stone you need for your jewelry, it is a little happy dance for me.  Just Sunday we discovered two tiny plates of 1200 year old Carnelian beads.  (The Carnelian is of course much older, it’s the beads themselves that are 1200 years old!)  Plus, the story brought back to us from our founder is that the beads were probably worn by Shamans based on where they were discovered.

Now if that isn’t the most perfect healing stone I don’t know what else is!

I myself have some 800-1200 year old beads called Nila Beads found in an area of northwestern Africa that was once called Jeanne, Mali.  My husbands best friend bought them for me for my birthday last year.  What a fabulous gift!  I have taken my time to restring them into a necklace for myself – as I want to mix them ONLY with other 1000 year old beads.  But if ever there was a place to obtain those beads, the Museum is going to be the place.

And so this past few weeks as I made a healing necklace for someone, I was in search of Carnelian as a focal bead because it helps to heal lower back issues.  I really wanted some extraordinary Carnelian for this necklace.  When I told the future owner about our “find” of the 1200 year old Carnelian she was thrilled to have a bead for her necklace.  It’s certainly going to be a one-of-a-kind healing necklace!

Today I decided, since my orders were filled for the week, to work on a healing bracelet for myself.  I wanted to add a copper Goddess Talisman to it and put in all the stones I could use in my life right now.  Of course that beautiful new Kyanite was part of the whole piece.  It is not only helpful with Epilepsy but with communication too.  And some Lepidolite – which helps one to be more centered and focused, helps with sleep and how about some astral travel!  Oh, and some beautiful deep purple Charoite – a fairly new Russian stone I love.  It helps with production of hormones, which if you are going through Menopause you know where I’m coming from!  And also to help with sleep issues.  I have recently fallen in love with this strange pink, black and garnet stone called Eudialyte.   I have searched and searched for this stone and figured it was just going to be one I could not find, but suddenly it started coming to me – even walking in the door with a senior volunteer at the Bead Museum!  It helps you to trust yourself and ease compulsive behaviour like overeating and shopping. Then I pulled out my favorite sparkly Labradorite.  I just love the look of this stone.  It inspires creativity, focus on your career and self-esteem an lo and behold – it helps you to lose weight.  Well, might as well add that one!

The finished piece is perfection to me.  I used copper findings to match the Goddess.  Copper is good for low energy and I find myself tired often these days. I think I’ll wear it to bed I love it so much.

I make necklaces and bracelets for now.  if you know anyone who would benefit from one of my healing stone jewelry, have them contact me at

Now, I hear there is a new place for me to find healing stone beads.  Gotta run!!


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