Past Life Memories and How They Affect This LIfe

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before?  Has deja vu seemed so real that you think you must have lived that exact moment in the past?  Has a place far away seemed so familiar you are sure you have been there before? How about people?  How many times have you met someone and said, “You seem so familiar.”

None of this has to be a mystery if you at least allow yourself to explore the concept of past lives through past life memories.

And in my case, as you’ll see, whether or not I believe it’s true has no bearing on the fact that the memories I’ve had have deeply affected my life today and helped me to grow and change immediately upon understanding the possiblity of a past affecting today.

I have had past life regressions led only by the very best in the business.  Dick Sutphen and now Tara Sutphen.  And these are not woo-woo people.  You would be shocked to see how centered and grounded to this earth they are.  I love that.  I love that these are people I want to have at my next dinner party.  They are that brilliant and interesting.

If you are still with me on this subject, allow me to share with you my first past life regression, back about 20 years ago, before I was even sure I believed in it.

I was just exploring the idea of “new age” as it was called back then.  And so I went to my first (and one of the very first produced) Whole Life Expo’s in southern California in the mid- 1990’s.  I learned when I signed up that if I volunteered then I could attend for free.  Well, that was right up my alley.  By volunteering I got close and personal with the likes of guest speakers Timothy Leary and Terry Cole-Whitaker.  (And if you are too young to know who Timothy Leary is, please google him!!) That was certainly a thrill for me!  Terry is the woman who’s book title I quote often “What You Think of Me is None of My Business.” What a great quote to live by!

I chose as my free course “Past Life Regressions” by Dick Sutphen.  Now, I had been reading a few of his books already, and he was a poet on top of that.  I felt connected to him in his photos.  But nothing prepared me and the rest of the 300 people in the room for the passionate charismatic man who walked in the door and glided up to the stage.  We were mesmerized.   He had long shiny wavy white hair, framing a weathered ruddy face.  He wore tight stonewashed jeans on his thin frame and a flowing white shirt.  And cowboy boots.  And he glowed with an ethereal light.

We spent time listening raptly to his ideas on past life regression, hypnosis, and other metaphysical ideas.  And then, it was time for the actual group past life regression.  All I could think was how it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to regress anywhere in a room full of noisy people.  I was instantly disappointed that he was so famous his room was packed and I was somehow not getting a more personal experience.

BOY!  Was I ever wrong!   I have quite a few moments in my life when I know for certain that my life has changed in that instance.  This first past life regression workshop did just that for me.

Dick adjusted the microphone and ran his fingers through his long beautiful hair.  When he finally spoke his hynosis voice was even deeper than his speaking voice. Melodic, rhythmic, sensual, and soothing.  The perfect voice to not only put 300 people in one room into an altered state, but to lead past life regressions with complete trust.

Dick tells us, his deep voice booming over the microphone to get comfortable.  I look around me and realize I just cannot sit in a worn blue convention center chair to be relaxed.  So, I joined a few other rebellious people and lay on the Vegas style giant floral printed carpeting.  As I lay back a light directly above shines into my eyes.  But Sutphen had begun his countdown and I needed to stay put.

Sutphen launched into the hypnotic relaxation technique he had perfected over the years.  After more than ten minutes of hearing his deep, deep voice say, “going down, down, down, deeper, deeper, deeper” I felt very relaxed and peaceful.  Suddenly  he told us to notice our feet.  What did we see?

It was instant in my brain.  I saw brown toes.  Bare feet.  I was a young man with long black hair.  And it did not feel strange to be male.  It was just so normal.  I instinctively knew I was Egyptian.  My conscious brain tried to take over and I began to fight with myself, “Of course I think I am from Egypt.  I have always been fascinated by Egyp…….” but then Dick’s booming voice permeates your numbed mind and I stopped analyzing.

He tells us to look around and see where we are. I see I am standing in an outdoor community gathering place of some sort.  There are stone walls, in a semicircle surrounding a general laundry area.  I could feel and see clearly the hot sun.  While my mind unfocused for a bit and I fought with myself that it was only the light overhead, my vision kept moving forward.

I squished the warm sand between my toes.  I felt and then knew I was from a wealthy family and I had an excellent future ahead of me.  I felt happy.

Suddenly standing next to me was another young man who I recognized as my dear friend Drake in this lifetime.  In this lifetime he has been my disco dance partner and sometimes lover.  In Egypt we were best friends and we were typical young men with one thing on our minds.  We were teasing one another about the cute girls coming to do laundry.

It was at this point my consciousness of today fought forward to think “you cannot be making this up.  You would never make this shit up.”

But Sutphen’s deep sing songy voice interrupted and he asked us to find someone in that lifetime that was important to that lifetime.

It was then I realized I was totally enraptured with one girl who had long black hair.  She was short and lovely with full red lips.  She paid absolutely no attention to me as she did her laundry.  I recognized my feelings of being in love with her.  Then out of nowhere I recognized her as my mother Jackie in this life time.

Now my logical mind practically cried out, “Ok, you are not making this up because there is no way in a million years you would pick your mother to love in another lifetime.  Just no way.”  I began to relax and allow the story to unfold.

Dick told us to go forward in time.  I saw a funeral of sorts, with Laura Zink, a friend’s mother in this lifetime, as my grandmother, screaming with emotion.  It was my funeral it turned out.  I had not lived much longer than the scene I first saw.  I had committed suicide over my depression and desperation to love the pretty young girl.  I had asked her to marry me and share my life and she had turned me down with laughter and mocking.

Out of nowhere my brain kicked into analytical mode.  I began to think.  “Oh, now I know why my mother and I have such trouble getting along in this lifetime.  We are together so I can be mean back to her for rejecting me in this Egyptian lifetime.”  What an idiotic thought.  But a perfect example of how wrong your conscious mind usually is.

With years of extraordinary practice behind him, Sutphen uttered the precise words that would give me answers I needed.  He instructed us to ask our higher guide to tell us why we had witnessed this particular past life and what we were to learn from it.

I had only experienced true telepathic thought three times up until this time.  This one was phenomenal.  Telepathic thought is INSTANT knowledge that cannot be articulated in our archaic communication we call language.  It is instant and complete knowledge.

Using the very inadequate language of today, I will try to express what perfection I learned.

“I had asked my mother’s soul to be with me again in this lifetime and for our relationship to be particularly difficult so that I would have the opportunity to learn to love myself. The important thing was, that I not “feel” loved by her in this lifetime.  I could either hate myself again like in Egypt or love myself unconditionally and without the validation of another soul to verify my self worth.”

It was a great sacrifice I has asked my mother’s soul to give this time around.  But she had agreed.

As Dick Sutphen brought us back to the present I discovered my face and cheeks and neck were soaked from sobbing tears I had not remembered shedding.  He walked quickly to the exit, leaving all of us to sort through our life-changing regressions.

Less than two weeks later I visited my mother for the first time in three years.  She never knew of this regression or what prompted me to visit.  But we began a new relationship.  One where I appreciated her for being her, and for giving me the most difficult lesson of learning to love and respect myself and my life no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

Since this very miraculous regression, I have eagerly sought the Sutphen’s every chance I got over the years to go through more such experiences.  They are always just as outstanding in revealing to myself another lesson I am to learn in this lifetime.  I seem to have been a Gypsy (and you all can easily imagine that one!) with the man who was my third husband in this lifetime.  Oh did we have lessons to finish up in this lifetime!  I was once a Priest who was imprisioned and tortured all of my short adult life.  Hence, my eating patterns and need to never feel starved in this lifetime.  My regressions can fully explain every lesson I have to learn in this lifetime.

Are they real?  Well of course I cannot prove them.  Although there are many, many books on the subject that do indeed prove it with people researching their past lives and discovering that obscure person they remembered had actually existed.  But that is not my need in the regressions.  My desire is to see these experiences, relate them to myself today and see how I can grow and change because of the information.  I don’t need to overeat in this lifetime, I’m not going to be imprisioned.  I can love my mother for helping me to learn to love myself in this lifetime.

See…it has changed my life.  And how I relate to others and each of my life lessons.

Without even regressing I bet I was supposed to dedicate my life to my creativity.  Which is why every time I get a job NOT on that track, it does not work out.  Yep, I’m pretty sure that is my lesson, but perhaps I’ll go see one of the Sutphen’s or get out their Regression CD and lay down for a while.  And see what my mind turns up this time.

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  1. Nice job explaining past life regressions! It is amazing to me, that you don’t have to believe , to receive. But that’s how it works. Having received and done countless past lives, there always is a message brought forth in this lifetime to work on. They say repetition as if it is a bad thing. It’s just another chance to learn the lesson. Great article Denise.

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