Whipped Cream

I began the day with a frenetic need for coffee. Since we are starting a four day weekend with perhaps no time at my desk for work, I wanted to kick off my first food of the holiday with whipped cream. Real whipped cream. Not that yucky shit from the store in plastic tubs. Or worse still, the kind you spray over yourself during sex. Or on a strawberry shortcake.

No, please folks, it’s so damn easy to make REAL whipped cream. Surely you have a few minutes twice a week to make thick whipped cream for your coffee. Think of all the money you will save at Starbucks. Or Peets. Or Micky D’s.  (Those of you who actually get a coffee beverage at Micky D’s are released from reading any further. you are not a gourmet diner.)

Pour about 1/2 to 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream into a medium bowl. Add a rough shake of confectioner’s sugar. Perhaps two tablespoons. Beat the hell out of it with a hand mixer. Takes about 3 minutes. The way you know it’s ready is the way it really tightens up and thickens and then it actually pulls away from the edges of the bowl and darkens like it may become a pale yellow and your thoughts turn to butter and you don’t want butter in your coffee. So that is when you are done!

I add some sugar and cocoa to my coffee cup and stir. Then I put one dollop of whipped cream on top. But that is never enough. So I add one more. Perhaps just a bit more to cover the top nicely. It’s beginning to melt. Refrigerate the rest of the whipped cream and use for the next two to three days. Can’t you just wait to get up now to have your coffee tomorrow?

Sit down with the clicker in your hand. Find something really wonderful saved on the DVR, like Grey’s Anatomy or House or The Housewives of New York, (make fun but the latter is actually best with coffee and whipped cream) and indulge yourself in the fatty goodness of your new cup of coffee. YUM!!

So now my weekend is started off right. I have to immediately begin thinking about how I will have beautiful indulgencies all four days for myself. Because treating myself is my holiday.

What can I do? Get two rib-eyes for my darling man to grill with Jocko’s seasonings? Make tacos from my childhood restaurant that burned to the ground? Homemade soup is out of the question with the heat barreling down on the country. Oh this is the Fourth of July weekend. A barbeque is in order. Like the rest of the country. Hmmmm what to barbeque.

The fact that we do not own a barbeque yet does not stop me from thinking about this.  Surely I can find an affordable one on short notice?   But there is the fact my husband works nights this entire holiday and will not be here to light the barbeque. Nix that idea.

Frying hot dogs and hamburgers is just not good enough for a holiday that started with real whipped cream.

I run through my best recipes in my mind like flexing a card file in an old library. I cannot find anything light and easy and holiday like. Hmmmm. Now what. Starve? I could lose some weight. Drink only coffee and eat fresh strawberries drenched in real whipped cream all four days? I would not survive.

It seems I cannot think of a great food for this holiday weekend. Even my mothers recipe for macaroni salad is not turning me on right now as I made it recently.

I wonder what the rest of my friends are eating? Hmmm??  Tell me.  Divulge. I need to know. Please. What are you planning to (as the English say) “tuck into” this weekend?

Oh I just got a whiff of an idea.

I could set up a French – Italian style cheese and bread and meats board to snack on all four days. That and a few good bottles 
of  J. Dusi Zinfandel. And then there will always be my coffee to start it all off in the morning. Oh I like this idea. Yep, that it’s it!

Off to the store for the best cheeses and breads I can find. Be back soon whipped cream!!

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