Selling on ETSY – Starting a New Business

Decades ago I saw a bracelet in a store in Jerome, AZ and bought it.  I loved it so much, a two stranded unique thing made entirely of a wild assortment of eclectic colorful beads, I decided to teach myself how to make one just like it.  So began my unconscious dive into a creative business.  Which, quite surprisingly was not the creative turn I thought I would take into theater or writing.

Years later I got a job as Asst. Director at The Bead Museum, officially the only Bead Museum in the world where the very history of beads sat in one case dating back to 10,000 years ago.  We had an entire room with research papers about bead making all around the world with every kind of ethnic group.  While this Museum was closed after the Recession and moved to a museum in San Diego, the things I learned there can really never be replaced.  I bought oodles of beads directly from the importers who brought them to the Bead Museum store from Morano Islands to Kenyan women.  I bought tons of crystals and stone beads from all over the world.  And I wrote down much of what history I had learned.

A few years later in California, I started using up some of my collection of beads to make stretch bracelets with little pug charms to raise money for Pug Rescue.  fullsizeoutput_330cUnbeknownst to me my husband thought this was a great little side hobby that should become a business.  Since the years in AZ we had created some yarn and bead necklaces we called “Whimsy’s” and I started making crystal jewelry that I sold wherever there was a free table or was asked to share a table.  Up until Etsy, we sold to our friends and a few items to a Psychic. But there was really no way to start up a jewelry business unless you could figure out how to start an entire website.

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Now here I am, 6 years later with a lovely business that I control how busy I get or how slow, where I can list brand new items we create.  In fact, the Pug Bracelet business actually made our little store international.  And it was a huge hit for several years.  As it slowed down, I returned to my roots making crystal jewelry and then creating more metaphysical tools and adornments.  I have never enjoyed a little “side business” more.  And I cannot imagine my life without it now.

And surprise! I am using my theatrics to create the photos.  Once I learned what light to find (natural outdoor light in the late afternoon) and the posed shots with props (I use anything growing around me from roses to green leaves and twigs, or even just laid down in a pile of dirt and wood chips) then I had it made.  cikT0bPMS9Kjjs+OzQC6CAAfter that I used my writing skills to develop the stories around each item I listed.  I believe taking the time to write up stories helps my sales a great deal.  And heh, I’m writing!  Just like I thought I always would.

Oh and now you see how we came up with our business name.  Whimsical (after our bead and yarn necklaces called “Whimsy’s”) and Mystical for all my Metaphysical items.

I’ll write more about my ETSY business as the blogs get more frequent.  For now, I can highly recommend just getting yourself started even it you only list a few items.